Monday, May 5, 2014

Something Different

Sometimes I have this urge to do something creative and even if I don't have the time or the space cleared out for it... I just have to do it! I'd been studying other people's art techniques last week, watching youtube demos and tutorials, looking at brush strokes, admiring the use of color, reading art books, etc. and I got so inspired I just couldn't wait to try something different! I'm out of canvases (or so I thought) and pulled out my watercolor block to use. After brushing on a coat of gesso, I sketched a scene and started laying in the colors. I really don't know what I thought I'd do, but I kept adding thin layers until I had something I was pleased with.

I ended up with the painting at the top, but earlier it looked like this:

Maybe I should have kept it like that, but I just didn't like the way the tree was turning out.

Now that I'm seeing it again... I like it more than I did before.

I also changed a row of flowers. I use that term loosely because they resemble flowers about as much as the painting looks like a Monet or Renoir, but I had mounds / rows of lavender in mind. I guess if you stand wayyyyyy back and squint a lot, it could be a landscape with lavender in the foreground.

{compare this closeup to the painting at the top and you can see where I changed to look of the lavender.}

I had fun painting it anyway! :)

When I finished that one, I saw a canvas in the corner that I'd forgotten about and grabbed it up and started loosely painting a few stems of lavender. The canvas is 8" x 24" and is perfect for long stemmed flower paintings.

I'll do several layers, filling in more of the background and slowly defining the flowers... but not too much. I think I may try using a palette knife on it. We'll see how it turns out in a few days!

What have you been working on lately?
Any new artwork, needlework, decorating, gardening?

Have a blessed week,

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