My life is simple:
I am a self-taught artist.
I paint with watercolors and acrylics.
I carve and pull my own block prints.
I make soldered charms and wire wrapped bead necklaces.
I play with paper & old books, making wreaths & love tokens.
I design hand-embroidered, wool applique, fiber art.
I love God, my family, my pets, nature, & simple joys.
I love finding beauty in everything!

Besides being a work at home artist, I am a wife and mom (my kids are now grown!). I live on the Cumberland Plateau on the border of middle and east Tennessee and the central and eastern time zone. It's a beautiful rural area where my family and I enjoy our home along with 2 German Shepherd Dogs, 1 Siberian Husky, and 1 Beagle / Corgi mix. :)

I am very honored that my work has been featured in several publications:
  • Better Homes and Gardens Make It Yourself 2012
  • FOLK, 2011
  • Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Crafts, 2011
  • Romantic Homes, February 2011
  • GreenCraft, Winter 2010
  • Early American Life, February 2007 (article featuring my puzzle purse valentines)
  • Early American Life (listed in several Directory of Traditional American Crafts)
  • Create and Decorate, April 2006
  • Create and Decorate, February 2006
  • Create and Decorate, Holiday 2004
  • Create and Decorate, December 2004
  • Create and Decorate, August 2004
  • Create and Decorate, June 2004
  • Create and Decorate, April 2004
  • Create and Decorate, February 2004
  • Create and Decorate, December 2003
  • Create and Decorate, October 2003
  • Create and Decorate, September 2003
  • Craftwork Home & Garden, June 2003
  • Victoria, August 2002
  • Arts & Crafts, December 2002
  • Playing with Books by Jason Thompson
You may know me by my other business names, Honeysuckle Lane or Simple Joys Paperie.

You can read more blog posts at Honeysuckle Lane's Simple Joys.
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