Monday, May 19, 2014

A Church, a few Abstract Still Lifes, and an Owl

I have really fallen behind on sharing my art and goings on in the studio. In the beginning, I wanted to post every few days and talk about my process and things I'd learned, whether through accomplishments or failures, because I believe that we learn from both.

For now, I'll just jump right in and start sharing again. Some posts may have one or two new things and another post may have half a dozen projects. At least I'll do that until I've caught up.

The first three photos (2 above and 1 below) are of a painting I recently did for my son's mother-in-law... or my daughter-in-law's mother... or better yet... my friend. When we first met (after our kids were engaged) we hit it off immediately. There was no awkwardness or tension as future in-laws. We were family and kindred spirits.

Below are some small paintings I did on Gessobord. I think I had some cad yellow and cad red left on my palette / freezer paper and instead of throwing it out, I painted the backgrounds on the three small panels.

Then I decided to paint the abstract flowers and vases.

The one below is my favorite. For some reason I love the background...

Here are two more small paintings using the same colors...

...and last but not least... the sweet white owl vase that my sister bought for me. I'm using it to hold my larger brushes. I love it!

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