Sunday, September 15, 2013

Morton Salt Girl & Day 15 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days

The photo above shows a small collection of the more than 100 paintings I will be taking to the Norcross Art Fest in GA next month. I hope folks are looking for pumpkins, birds, and owls! I'll also have all kinds of flowers, fruits, and other subjects as well.

I painted the two owl silhouettes last night. I was so tired but I knew if I sat down I'd never get back up to finish them so I painted a while, and then leaned on the table to rest a while, and then painted a while again, lol!

I am home today. Our large upright freezer (that is less than 4 years old) died in the wee hours this morning. It still runs, but won't cool / freeze. Early this morning I grabbed a cup of coffee and started salvaging all I could, sent some things nearby to store in someone's freezer, and now I'm canning the green beans that I had previously frozen and making strawberry jam (not freezer jam) with all the strawberries I had in the freezer. Can't get hold of anyone at Frigidaire to ask about the warranty till tomorrow. I don't remember if we bought the extended warranty. If not... that's another unexpected expense that's hit us recently. It was a new dryer a little over a month ago. Oh, and have I mentioned something's wrong with my car and I have to take it to be checked next week? Praying nothing else happens before I have to leave for GA the first week of October for the Norcross Art Fest.

Do you ever feel like the little Morton Salt girl?
"When it rains it pours."
 That's how I feel today.

{image via Morton Salt}

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