Friday, July 26, 2013

Lazy Summer Morning

I thought I'd share some photos I took this morning. I've cleaned house, fed the animals, and I'm waiting on the delivery guys to bring our new furniture.

We really didn't plant much in our garden this year, just a few rows of corn and beans, a few tomato plants, and just enough squash and cucumbers to pick and eat as they are ready. That's nothing compared to what we usually plant.

While checking on everything in the garden, I did something this morning I hadn't done in years! There was one little ripe tommy toe (cherry tomato) on the vine and I picked it, wiped it off, and popped it in my mouth! I used to do that as a kid, but later started picking them and washing them off at the sink first. We hadn't used anything on the plants this year to ward off bugs and such, so it was safe. How delicious it was! Ripe and warm from the early morning sun... it just burst with flavor and juiciness in my mouth... I may have to do that when the next one is ripe, too! :)

The red beebalm at the end of the yard has pretty much finished blooming.

And (see photo below) the wisteria that I trimmed so aggressively is starting to come back. Can you see the little rusty horseshoe on the upper corner? It's been there, along with a few others among the vines, for years.

My morning wouldn't be complete without saying hello to Thor (our son's German Shepherd that comes to visit once in a while), Ava, Luna, and Red. Buddy, the corgi / beagle mix is there, too. He's just too short to see over the fence!

Roger and I will celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary on the 29th of this month. We're not quite sure where or when we will go celebrate. Some years we've stayed home and worked, some years we've managed to get away for just a few days. No matter what, we've at least managed to spend it together. :)

I hope all of you have a wonderful, blessed weekend.



  1. God bless you on your anniversary, and always...

  2. I love the angel wings you make, and congrats on your anniversary. My dh and I are married 41 years, time does fly by.

    1. Thank you, Terra, for the compliment and the congrats! :)

  3. Thank you for the morning tour, including the lineup of the pooches (LOL), and happy anniversary! 29 years is quite an accomplishment!

  4. Oh Lana, what lovely have captured the beauty of nature perfectly!
    Sending (much) belated anniversary wishes your way!
    Hugs ...


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