Thursday, May 2, 2013

What to Eat?

Here's a fun little piece I made from leftovers. Both the book cover and page are leftovers from my wreath-making. I'm not sure which book the cover came from but the page was from an early 1900s Physiology and Hygiene health book.

Working from the chapter title and page content, I decided to paint a cake on a stand. It actually says, "Candy is a perfectly proper food if it is eaten at mealtime."
Hmmm, my kids were right all along! ;)

What materials do you like to recycle in your art?


  1. What fun Lana . . . Hmm . . . candy for meals, I'm all in!
    I'm so happy you are following your creative muse!
    (I just updated your blog on my list . . .to this one!)

    Have a creatively sunny day!
    Lori Ann


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