Friday, January 6, 2017

Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days - Day 6

I finished a small painting today. The last two I did were on canvas, and even though I've painted on hardboard lots of times before, it was a struggle to do this one, as simple as it is. I don't mean to sound negative, just being honest. I could see the painting in my mind, knew every stroke I wanted to make, but it wouldn't happen. I'm not sure if it was the switch from canvas to hardboard, or the paint, or the wrong brush... or all of the above. I wanted to use a palette knife with this one but I ended up using brushes. And I think my perspective is off on the rows of lavender... oh, well... I guess I can always paint over it and start again.

At least I painted today! :)



  1. Several things. First, I think a constructive negativity is a good thing as well as honesty. Especially when you also consider the positive aspects as well. Second, although I totally get that you visualized something else, I love where this is going. Third, how'z about stepping away and coming back? I think that palette knife touches over what you already have could be brilliant. Just my .02 :-)

    1. Thank you, Lori. It's good to get another perspective on things. I just wish I had read this earlier because in my haste, I painted over parts of it and now I wish I had waited and just added palette knife touches as you suggested. I think I'll try to be a little more patient from now on. :)


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