Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Canopy Conundrum

conundrum: a confusing or difficult problem

 Hi everyone!

I guess you are wondering what is a canopy conundrum? Well, for now... it's not my canopy falling down or blowing away at an art fair... fingers crossed and prayers said that something like that does not happen. :)

{The EZ UP canopy on my wish list}

This is it in a nutshell:
I am doing the Norcross Art Fest in Georgia the first weekend of October and I don't have the required canopy. Neither do I have the extra funds because this art fest is costing me much, much more than the semi-local ones ever cost. I have some things covered already such as the booth fee, canvases, paints, and hotel reservations... but the canopy is the last of my big expenses.

I was searching art business blogs for information about how to cover expenses and several websites suggested holding a fundraiser with an explanation of what the sale is funding for the artist.

Ok, easier said than done.

There's not a lot I can do in such a short amount of time since I am already working on inventory for the show. BUT, I did think of something that sold very well in the past when I was doing folk art fraktur paintings --- note cards! You can see a sold set with description here.

Here's my canopy fundraiser idea:
I am offering sets of 6 note cards with matching envelopes for $12 (U.S. shipping included). These will feature my new artwork (seen here). Each mixed set will have 6 different prints and will be chosen at my discretion. Who doesn't love a surprise?!! You may receive a few white note cards (4" x 5 1/2") and a few brown kraft note cards (5" x 7"), depending on the artwork used. The first 10 customers will receive 2 extra cards... just a little thank you for helping out so quickly. :)

To make ordering easy, I added a BUY NOW PayPal button to the top right sidebar of this blog. If for some reason you wish to have an invoice sent, just email me with your order request.

Be sure to tell your friends... your hairdresser... your mailman... just spread the word! You can even use the handy-dandy little links at the end of this blog post to share. How cool is that? :)

Thanks so much for your support! Orders, prayers, good wishes --- any or all are appreciated!

Take care & God bless,

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