Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Few Words from Soapbox Girl...

First let me say, I LOVE my customers and collectors! You make it possible for me to work from home and I am so thankful for that!

This is about something I've encountered different times over the years and would like your opinion. I try to stay positive and don't want to start a negative campaign here but let me explain something about artists / crafters and money. If they do what they do for fun and don't mind not covering or barely covering expenses... that's perfectly fine. I've done that in the past and was just thrilled someone actually wanted something I made. But, if an artist or crafts person is working at this for a full or part-time income, please don't expect them to discount their work as if it were a yard sale item --- they have bills, too! Asking an artist to knock off a good chunk of money (unless you are buying in bulk for wholesale or consignment for your shop) is like working 5 days a week and your boss saying they only want to pay you for 3 days.

Would that be acceptable?

I think a lot of individuals who do ask for discounts, don't think about that and hopefully we can educate them (in a nice way) so they understand --- we are a business and we have expenses such as materials and supplies, overhead costs, and gasp ---- an hourly wage! Having said all that, I do have scheduled sales from time to time and offer discounts, so I'm not saying discounts are never acceptable, there are always exceptions.

So, for those of you that have encountered this, how would you politely answer customers that want you to "give them a deal"? Your opinions are welcome but please keep comments positive and nice.

Okay... I'm stepping off my soapbox now. :)



  1. Wow, I don't know if I could be polite to such a request by such a customer. Obviously, it is not somebody who does artwork, or else they would understand.

  2. Hopefully this person that inspired this post reads your blog...Now she knows. I totally agree and have learned to say "I'm sorry but I have to say no". You don't have to explain, you're an artist!

  3. Hi, Lana! I'm catching up on belated blog visits this morning and I'm so thrilled to see all of your wonderful new artwork. Lovely, absolutely lovely! As for being asked for a discount, I've never had that happen but if I did I would first thank the potential buyer profusely for desiring my work. I would politely say No to the discount, and then perhaps offer to make a custom piece in the price range desired. And if it were a really high priced item, I might offer a payment plan on a custom order (not on the exact item desired but on one made to order). This is only my personal preferred method of treating potential customers, mind you, and may not be acceptable to others in the art community. Many buyers are just not aware of the "rules", or perhaps they've gotten a positive response to this kind of request in the past and so think its perfectly acceptable. At the end of the day, I want to gain a new customer and the more my work is out there and seen, and the more its talked about and my friendly demeanor is talked about, then my business will continue to grow. Although I would NEVER outright discount an item if I've been asked to - its a "win win" situation to offer an alternative, in my opinion.


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